Fight the ghosts of those that have come before by moving in two dimensions and shooting missiles. The fiercer you fight, the harder it shall be for those that come after. How much past can you survive before you are overwhelmed?

"So the guy I'm fighting is actually a recording - a recording of a fight against a recording of a fight, all the way back to the beginning of time?"

George Buckenham - Most everything
Stephen Kyle - A sofa, some noises, a website
T. Nathan Roane - Music
Robert Kuennemann - Yet more noises
Chris Jeffery - Found brokenness.
Joachim Ante & TomLong74 - Animation script
Eric5h5 - RaycastCheck script
Jason Kottke - Silkscreen font
the tigsource forums - Helpful feedback

Seriously, what d'ya think of it? Have you any suggestions, complaints? Is it not working? Has it upset your infant daughter? Do you want to tell me Kenta Cho did it before me? (He didn't). If you have been affected by any of the issues in this program, please write to me at v.twenty.one@gmail.com

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